Changing residence permit after seperation.

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I have been married to German for two and half year and living here in Germany for exactly 2 years. I came here on marriage Visa and i have a 3 years permit.

Me and my wife decided to separate after a lot of problems and hard time for both of us, i am moving out to my own flat now.

I wonder how can i change my residence permit status now because normally i am not eligible for one year extension( My marriage is

less than 3 years)?

Is it possible that i can ask for another residence permit on my own before my 3 years marriage residence permit finish( will be finished in one year)?

Could the Ausländerbehörde revoke my actual residence permit because of the separation?

I have B1 in German and i am working as an engineer since one year, Could this help me to get work residence permit?

I would appreciate any response!!

Thanks in advance!!






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probably, not an expert, you can apply for a blue card.

Are things so bad with her so she won't cooperate and stay together for another year?

Good Luck!


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Thanks for the reply!!

We can not stay together because it became unhealthy for both of us, we are not enemy but not friends too.

I think she already contacted the Ausländerbehörde and told them the story.

For the blue card, i think it needs more than 55K income and i don't get this amount!

and it is not sure if i can apply for it here in Germany!


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