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Language Exchange Walk

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I started organizing a language café a couple of years ago for the simple reason that I am both interested in foreign languages and meeting international people and wanted to connect with like-minded people.

At the beginning of 2020 Covid-19 forced us to stop. 

After a while I realized that the pandemic will be part of our lives for still some time so I felt that I had to find a way to continue organizing these social gatherings and be in accordance with covid-19 regulations plus make these events as safe as possible for everyone ( and still be able to meet in in person ).

So I thought the best idea was to meet outside since then it is pretty easy to keep a bit of distance and still be able to talk, and to adapt the meeting to the rules in force at the time.*

We meet in front of the entrance to the swimming club DSV98 and then walk around sportspark Duisburg Wedau while talking to each other in the says that up to 10 people who are either vaccinated or have recovered from a covid-19-infection are allowed to meet, but only 3 non-vaccinated from 2 different households. That means, please bring your vaccination certificate, also in the event that there are controls by the public order office. If we happen to be more than 10 people, we will have to divide the group. The most reasonable thing here is to divide by language. languages we want to learn or help others to learn. 


The current Covid-19 regulation allows meetings of 10 people who are either vaccinated or have recovered from a Covid-19-infection. However, as soon as one non-vaccinated or non-recovered person participates, it limits the whole group to 2 or 3. The conclusion is that only vaccinated or recovered people will be accepted to the meeting and if we happen to be more than 10 ( which hardly ever happens, usually we are between 5 and 10 ) we will have to divide the group, preferably per language.


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