Family death abroad while on ALG 2 unemployment benefits. What to do?

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First of all, i'm aware I fucked up and took advantage of the the very good system that's in place but please hear me out first and resist your urge to berate me...

I'm receiving ALG 2 for some months and had used the allowed holiday time already in before December 2021.

In the middle of December I traveled home for Christmas as I had received news that it could be the last one with my family member. Although obligated to, I did not notify the Jobcenter as I was hoping to spend my last weeks with my family member without losing my benefits - a dumb mistake on my behalf.

They unfortunately passed away shortly after I arrived. Since then I've been stuck abroad longer than expected to sort things out, and very recently I received a phone call from the Jobcenter which i did not answer. I think the phone call was to do with something else, but there's a possibility the unanswered foreign ring tone may have alerted them to my location.

I'm scared that I may have to pay back everything I've received if they find out i didn't notify them. i was just so unsure of the best way to handle it and i'm really unsure of how to now.

Should I...

A] Confess the truth before they call me out - inform them that I've been abroad, explain my rationale and situation?
- For having not notified them, I may have to reimburse everything I've received over the past months.

B] Shut the fuck up until they call me out and then tell the truth?

C] Shut the fuck up until they call, then cover my tracks after they call me out. E.g...tell them I left Germany briefly just this week, Photoshop flight details, tell the that I forgot to inform them having felt distressed over the recent bereavement?
- if C works, I should be ok.

D] ???


For the record, i'm returning to Germany as soon i'm not needed in my home country and I will continue living in Germany long term.

You may now berate me if you please.


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1. sorry for your loss.

2. are you sure it was the job center calling?

3. Obviously, the right thing to do would be to contact the job center and tell them what is going on in your life.

4. On the other hand, maybe you went abroad in the hope of finding a job(?)...

5. wait and see


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Why should we berate you? You're already berating yourself.


You fucked up.


So man up and deal with the consequences.


Lying will get you nowhere in Germany bureaucracy...


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Glad you got to see your family member.

On balance I'd go route B. But I am a bit of a risk taker. And this does not constitute advice.

Route C is a definite NO.

Clearly you have discovered that living dishonestly is just not worth it. Which is its own punishment. I can understand the temptation which led you down this path however. I can also understand taxpayers feeling mightily pissed off. And I can understand other immigrants who think you give them all a bad name.

Good luck sorting yourself out and learn the lesson.


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