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WW3 anybody?

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People should watch this video on the situation


Why is Ukraine the West's Fault? Featuring John Mearsheimer - YouTube   Sorry I know its long, but there is a lot of interesting stuff in it, it kinda explains why Russia is killing people in the UK etc


It kinda concludes that if the Ukraine is taken in to NATO, it will be required to have defensive nukes from NATO. RUSSIA beginning very close to the Ukraine is not happy to have nukes so close to Mosco - In the same way that America went ape shit about the Russians putting nukes in Cuba - which I can kinda agree with. Putin is saying he wants the buffer states, to remain buffer states.


But I also think, Ukraine should be allowed to make its own mind up about who it thinks are their best friends


By the way, NATO, has said it will not interfere in a military way, if Russia invades the Ukraine, but most economies will remove the ruble from international trading and Nordstream 2, will never be used - this will cause massive problems for Russia, the only way nukes will be used if Russia get so fucked off with the situation that they use them, I guess Ukraine does not have them because they would have used them in the first invasion of Ukraine in 2014






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