Which areas in Bavaria have lots of British expats?

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Hi all! I've realized I like British culture but not Brit weather nor now needing a visa to even visit the UK.

I appreciate the 4 seasons Bavaria seems to have and I'm especially into the areas close to Austria or the Czech Republic. What better way to enjoy British culture than live in a place where there are many expats?

Aside from the obvious Munich, I'd like to please know where do British expats congregate?

I was recently in Lagos Portugal and it was not only very beautiful but filled with British tourists and expats (I spoke with some, they were spending their gap year there). It's not as Anglicized as the Costa Del Sol in Spain, but it is beautiful and it felt fun getting to enjoy not only the local culture but also having so many British bars. Apparently there are even some British businesses there. So I wonder where in Bavaria one can be within many British expats aside from Munich itself? Thanks in advance!


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