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What is the best private pension for a settlement permit

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I graduated with my Ph.D. this year, and am above 45. I asked an immigration counselor about my chances to stay on if I find a job that corresponds to my qualifications and he says that I must get a salary of nearly 4,000 euros to stay because of pension contributions.  I work at the university and only a professor gets so much money.


1. Is this true? If it is can I take additional private pension insurance to make up the shortfall if I am offered a contract at the university at a lower salary?

2. He said that this was for para 18. If true, is there any other permit, for example, 21, freelancer, with which I can apply for permanent residence?


I have spent about a decade in Germany as a student. As part of various jobs, I have already paid about 42 months in the statutory pension scheme,.


I d be very grateful for advice on the matter.


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