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Hallo,  I need some advice regarding the following  situation.

I am an EU citizen and i have full time permanent employment in Germany with a German company.

Until now i have been living in Germany, but i want to move to another EU country.

What are the implications of moving abroad in terms of:

- taxes ( i assume i will still pay taxes on income in Germany)

- health insurance ( do I keep paying my krankenkasse and will they cover me abroad?)

- social contributions ( for unemployment and pension, will i keep paying in Germany?)

- are there any other legal issues that i must consider?


Thank you for your help.



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have you talked to your employer about this plan? They may be the best source of relevant information for your purpose.


As for the other questions, it's always best to talk to the organization directly involved.

For tax questions, ask Finanzamt
For health insurance questions, ask your Krankenkasse
For unemployment and pension contact your Landesversicherungsanstalt


The rules for taking up residency are different in each EU country too. So look up whatever country you'll be living in.


And, just out of curiosity... why would you do that to yourself? If you want to live in a different country, why not work in that country too?


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Thank you Karin,


I am sure if i was fluent in German i could obtain the information easily, since my German is not very good I am asking for  help in Toytown.

If you have any knowledge please share.


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