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Little Montessori Pundits (LMP) is now ready to operate as a

Montessori sensory garden and English speaking Parent-Child Playgroup for children 4 month to 36 months old.

This group is taking place outside East of Munich near Markt Schwaben.

Starting: Tuesday - 19.10.2021

Duration: 1 and 1/2 hours

These are the groups:

Babies (from around 4-12 months old)
Toddlers (from around 13-20 months old)
Small Children (from around 18-36 months

The groups will take place every Tuesday and Thursday mornings and afternoons.


Compare to regular parent-child playgroups, Montessori parent-child groups are slightly different. 


Montessori believed that education begins at birth, and that is why the Montessori

practice focuses on promoting children´s independence and development from the very beginning. Rather than comparing developing milestones and offering structured play e.g. directed play, or organised activities.

Our playgroup environment encourages parents to actively participate in various activities through observing their child´s unique development paths. This is offered by prepared environment and deductive activities as per child´s individuals needs.


LMP´s other services:


Kindergarten and school visits to explore our sensory gardens.


We offer private consultations on how to create Montessori environment at home.


For further information contact:


Or visit my blog:





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