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I was in a Bahnhof,  late evening. I was making video in my mobile around the train station place.  I happened to see a bunch (around 10) of teens /small boys physically attacking two other young boys. I was just continue filming the public place also capturing this physical fights. After some minutes, the boy who was physically attacking the others 2 boys, came to me Shouting "give me your mobile or I am calling police now" and  the other small boys from the gang gave me alot of verbal threats ,as i was waiting  for my train.   


All I said to them was, if they have a problem with me, they are free to call Police. All they could do was , verbal threats to me one by one . 


My question :


1) Is it illegal to film in a public place in Germany ? 


2) what could have been done (by a typical native german ) to handle this situation more appropriately, assuming He/She already filmed such incident in their mobile ? 


3) what does legal system in germany say about such situation ? 


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1. According to you may film as a tourist would and you are filming buildings, not people although people walking around may end up on your video.  If you want to film people, you need their permission, for children, also the parents permission.


2. I would think that if you caught an assault or other crime on video, even a German would likely offer the video evidence to the police.


3. Don't post it on social media.



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All above is true.


Filming of people without their consent is illegal with certain exceptions such as public events and protests (in those cases 100% legal to film anyone). 


But public interest in the prosecution of crime is higher than the right of criminals to privacy, so that will make the filming legal. 



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You should avoid dealing with the police if possible, you could get into trouble yourself.


Quite possibly the German police are not as bad as the US or other police forces as mentioned elsewhere, but I do not think you can trust them.


How fortunate that there is so little crime in Germany so one rarely needs the cops!


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