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What's wrong with the German subreddits?

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If you dare say even one remotely not-so-positive opinion on Munich they go ballistic on you (e.g. I just asked if there are hilly nearby towns as it seems way too flat for my liking). And I was not trolling.


Btw it really sucks that all large cities in Bavaria are in flat boring valleys (namely, Munich, Nuremberg and Augsburg) and far away from any hills so I'm considering Linz and Salzburg for living/working while I can always travel next door to Germany on shopping trips.


AFAIK only Stuttgart, Coburg, Passau and maybe Regensburg seem to have hills within the city proper and of those Stuttgart is too far away from the Czech Republic, which to me is important as I love traveling there. Coburg and Passau are too small so that only leaves Regensburg as suitable for me from the larger cities. I don't know whether it'd be better to live in the 4th largest city in Bavaria or the 3rd in Austria.


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