Uncertainty regarding the correct declaration of my income ("Steuererklärung)

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Hello everyone,


I have been living in Germany for some time and started my own business a few months ago. In order to get things right, I am now dealing with the correct declaration of my revenue for the purposes of the "Umsatzsteuererklärung" and "EÜR". Sorry for the long post, but thanks to everyone for reading!


I work for a few platforms as an independent contractor and have some websites with Google AdSense and Amazon revenue (I have now understood the regulations for this after some research).However, I still have problems understanding how to deal with the money I earned from the independent contractor work.


In particular, this concerns two platforms for which I work as an independent contractor. One of them is based in the USA, the other in the UK. However, most of the jobs I work on are for companies from Germany, and only the payment goes through the platforms. Both of them send me the earned money via Paypal ( Dollars and Pounds) without any further invoice. The US platform states the following in its policies:
"Income earned from ….. is subject to your country and local taxes. When you signed on to the ….., you entered an independent contractor agreement. That means income from ……. should be treated per the independent contractor regulations of your local tax law. …… withholds no taxes and, as a US entity, is not subject to VAT."


and the UK platform states:
"You would need to collate your own records of income via the site, and you are responsible for considering whether you need to report it to your tax office, according to the tax rules in your own country."


I am now not exactly sure how to classify this income in the "Umsatzsteuererklärung" and the EÜR. Is this taxable or non-taxable revenue for the "Umsatzsteuer"? For the sake of simplicity, I have been advised to simply declare everything as revenue at the normal tax rate and act like this is "normal" German revenue, is that correct?


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