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Thank you everyone for the insight. I emailed the consulate in hopes of a response but we are now going on at least two weeks. The forms are clear and in theory I could send them to the embassy today but the idea of sending DD and my passports in the post...I just don't know if I have an alternative.


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I received my new passport within less than three weeks after sending it in, and if I recall correctly actually within around two weeks. I saw the headlines about extremely long processing times several days after sending the renewal package which worried me and was pleasantly surprised at how fast it was. I did use the super fast tracked shipping method they had a link to on the embassy website (required for them to send you your new passport and recommended for sending the application packet), which probably helped. Maybe I was lucky, but in retrospect I think/hope they probably realize that for most expats abroad who aren't dual citizens there is a real need to receive a passport quickly. 


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