Sep/Okt 2021 visit to Bavaria/Tirol Food & Drink Availability

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Greetings from the Seattle area.  My wife and I are in our 70s, in excellent health, have vacationed in Germany several dozen times and are holding tickets and reservations to return in 10 weeks.   We are fully vaccinated, and currently meet the entrance requirements for Covid-19.  What I’m trying to better understand is how daily vacation life will be restrained by Corona concerns in the small towns and rural areas we favor.


We travel by rental car, stay in 2-3 star Hotels with full restaurants, relocate every 3-4 days, and spend most of the time eating, drinking, wandering around the villages, riding the seilbahn, and enjoying free and open movement on trains, boats, streets. Big crowds, museums, churches and castles are no longer big attractions.  We are not adverse to wearing masks when asked, expected, or required.  


Can you help me get a feel for how our daily life might be impacted by Corona.  Will I have to cut a hole in my mask and drink bier thru a straw?  Are most restaurants open for inside dining?  Will the “quality” of travel this trip be significantly diminished from non-COVID trips?  


Your candid assessment will be appreciated.





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Sorry, but my crystal ball is on the fritz.


Things are looking relatiely good right now, but they were looking good last summer, too, before Germany entered its second lockdown, which made the first one look like a cake walk. Nobody can say if Germany will have to lock down again in the fall or if you'll even be able to enter the country for tourism purposes then.




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