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As we might move to Frankfurt or one of the nearby towns (south or east), and we will not need to use the place throughout the year, is there an investment logic to think of Airbnb or similar ways of renting a home for 3-4 months a year, including prime months (summer, Christmas, etc.)? If yes, what cities in your opinion stand out in this regard?


Additionally, we might decide for a house with rooms to rent (throughout the year). In that regards, what would be the best cities?


All in all, how does it sound to you? Thanks


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If you're moving to Frankfurt it will not work. Frankfurt has a lack of apartments (and the demand is very high). The City of Frankfurt therefore decided 1-2 years ago to ban people from renting out their apartments, as a means of investment. Please Check the following Airbnb article regarding Frankfurt.


There are some exceptions. However, I think the nearby towns aren't affected. 


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