Verwahrentgelt for existing bank users, is it a trick?

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So, I have now found my comdirect letter in my postbox and to give them some credit, it includes a summary of the changes, so I have to take back that criticism of them!


One interesting part of the changes is that they can still impose changes to the T&C if, (a) there are regulatory changes forcing them to change the T&C - I think we are all fine with that - but also (b) if you do not actively say "no" before the deadline for responding.  So, inaction does not equal "opt out" or "no", which means that just doing nothing as someone suggested higher up, in the expectation that the nag messages would tail off, is not an option if you want to try to avoid the new conditions. 


It goes on to say in this part of the changes that the bank will inform the customer of the consequences of not accepting the changes.  While they have thus far made cryptic references to having to find a new business relationship in that event, there are no specifics - though I think we all know what they will be and that the nag messages will begin to make that clear...  


So, it seems to me that it is accept the changes or go elsewhere...


In terms of the new fee model, my German is failing me in relation to the bit about SEPA.  There is no change to "II. SEPA-Überweisung" but "III. SEPA-Instant Payment (Echtzeitüberweisung)" is changing to:


III. SEPA-Instant Payment (Echtzeitüberweisung)

• Beauftragung einer Echtzeitüberweisung in Verbindung mit Girokonto — Konditionsmodell ab 15.02.2021  - 1 EUR

• Beauftragung einer Echtzeitüberweisung in Verbindung mit Girokonto — Konditionsmodell bis 14.02.2021 sowie Girokonto Plus - kostenlos


15.02.2021 is the date of the new T&C and pricing model documents, even though they don't actually come into force until November, which I find a bit odd but hey ho... Anyway, does this apply to every SEPA transaction or is Instant Payment different from normal SEPA transactions and something you elect to do when setting up the transaction?   And if so, is the 1€ per transaction only for those who opened accounts after 14 Feb 2021?


I ask the second question because in other parts of the documents setting out the changes to the T&C and prices you see the phrase "Konditionsmodell bis 14.02.2021 (Gilt für Kunden mit Kontoeröffnung bis 14.02.2021, welche nicht aktiv ein neues Konditionsmodell gewählt haben)", or "Gilt für Kontoeröffnungen ab 15.02.2021 sowie Kunden mit Kontoeröffnung bis 14.02.2021, welche aktiv dieses Konditionsmodell gewählt haben", which are subtly different from the SEPA text above.


So, will accepting the changes mean that all SEPA transactions attract an additional fee, over and above the monthly cost if you are under the 700€?  And if so, what constitutes a SEPA transaction?  Is it just outgoing transactions or also incoming, like a transfer from my UK account to comdirect or deposit of a salary or pension?


Kind regards,


Confused of the small piece of rock off the coast of mainland Europe.B)


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35 minutes ago, Gambatte said:

What if you answer "no"?

It says they have to tell the consequences, though, as I said, currently they are being very cryptic and I expect the nag messages to become more explicit.  


As long as I can keep my costs as they are now - zero for everything I do with them - even if I need the odd work-around, then I'll sign and stay but if I cannot achieve that I'll take the hit on informing the pension-payer to send the money to a new account, which is not that easy from this distance, though I think Covid helps there a little as things can be done by email rather than in person...



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Finally got an answer to my questions, though that took a phone call after trying their chat and having tried twice with their online contact form - nothing like good customer service, and this is certainly nothing like good customer service! 


Anyway, the first point they made was that if you don't agree to the new T&C, nothing will happen on 1 November but they will then contact you to consider whether, and if so how, to continue the business relationship, so good luck with that!


Second, because we have pre-paid credit cards (presumably as we don't have a recent credit history in Germany), no charges will arise for retaining those cards.  If we had "ordinary" credit cards then it would be 1.90€ per month (and presumably per card) for the pleasure - OUCH 45€ per year for 2 credit cards!  Also, as the Tagesgeld PLUS Konto came as part of the package we signed up to, no charges arise there either. 


So, as long as we meet the 700€ pm deposits nothing changes (for now, of course, as who know what may be in the pipeline once this little performance is over?). Guess I'll probably tick the box at some point before the deadlineB)


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