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Hi all,

I've been unemployed for a while and I'm registered with the Arbeitsagentur. I no longer receive ALG I but they're covering my pension contributions, while I am under my family's health insurance.

For a long time I've been wanting to register for a German course which I was given a certificate for, but last year no online courses were offered and this year they've been a mix of online and in person, I really cannot (and don't want to) attend a classroom-based course every day due to my asthma.

I now got a letter from my consultant and they either want me to sign up for a language course or an application coaching course, which I honestly don't want to do because I think it would be useless, considering I have work experience in multiple countries and I know how to apply for jobs.

So I'm thinking of leaving the Arbeitsagentur for a few months (and give up on a few months worth of pension contributions) while I'm busy with some personal project which will leave me no time to apply for jobs nor attend said courses. My question is, if I do so, can I re-apply with the same conditions in the future, in case I won't have found a job by myself? What I mean is, if I de-register, will there be bad consequences for me in case I need them again in a year or so?




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