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I am selling one of my cars to an ID card holder. This car was purchased by myself from another ID card earlier. When I bought the car I was given the title. As most of you know vehicle reg doesn’t really do anything with titles. They only transfer the registration from one person to another. So I have the title in my possession however it still has his name on it. Now the new buyer wishes to take the car back to the states when he PCSs. He is telling me I must contact the stateside DOT to have the title transferred to my name, then back to his name when he buys or else he will not be able to PCS with the car. Is this true? Does anyone have any resources I can read or information on this situation?


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The new buyer is mistaken.  The USAREUR AE Form 190-1A is a "U.S. Forces POV Registration/Title/POV Authorization" certificate.  The AE Form 190-1A issued to the new buyer is all that is required to register a vehicle in the U.S. when the owner returns.  My experience is limited to four cars, two motorcycles, and one truck that were sold to people who eventually returned to the States with them. 


I was the original owner of one motorcycle and had the Harley Davidson Certificate of Ownership, but I don't remember if it had my name on it.  The buyer didn't need it when he returned to Arizona and registered it there.


For the truck, I had the Ford Certificate of Origin that was issued to the original buyer in Texas, not the person from whom I bought it, who first brought the truck to Germany.  In the time between the original Certificate of Origin and the time I sold the truck, it had been sold and registered to four people in Germany in the USAREUR system.  The person who bought the truck from me returned to PA and didn't need the Certificate of Origin.  All that was needed was the USAREUR AE Form 190-1A.  The PA DMV issued a new title to the person.


None of the other vehicles had Certificates of Origin and the new owners did not have any problems registering the vehicle when they returned to the States.  I still keep in touch with some of them, and I'm sure I would have been notified if there was a problem with the documentation.


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