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My daughter has been fully vaccinated in the US and wants to visit me in Cyprus (3 day stayover in Germany to give her brother a long hug). She has a vaccination "certificate" (which doesn´t even carry a stamp) and can show an app with the batch numbers of the (Moderna-) vaccine she received. Will that be recognized for travelling without having to quarantine? Are there common EU standards for what  kind of proof of vaccination status is acceptable?


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Cypress controls it's own borders, if your daughter is flying direct from the US and not stopping anywhere else then 'EU' rules don't apply.

The protocol for vaccinated travellers is here:- https://www.visitcyprus.com/files/Press_Release_Vaccination_25_May_2021.pdf


She can get a travel flight pass before departure here:        https://cyprusflightpass.gov.cy/


That said, your daughter should stay home until this page is changed:



Cyprus Travel Advisory


Travel Advisory
April 20, 2021

Cyprus - Level 4: Do Not Travel


Do not travel to Cyprus due to COVID-19.







And if she doesn't then she should be extra clear about any conditions in her travel insurance relating to cover when traveling against government advice, since she may find she is uninsured.



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Thanks, however my question isn't really adressed by the websites linked. I wonder how to prove that she was vaccinated by a public authority when all documentation she received is in an app and a piece of paper which doesn't state it was issued by a public authority.


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