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Hello all,


Me and my partner are considering a move to Germany, more precisely, in any area with a direct line, bus or train, to Frankfurt Airport (up to 1h away, less is more). As we would be mostly teleworking, commuting is not an issue for us. 


If we let a place, we might be interested in subletting. Not for AirBnB, nothing of the sorts - we are looking for places where subletting is legal and where there is a dynamic tenant market, i.e. where it is not difficult to find tenants.


Could you suggest such places? I was thinking of university cities, or cities in general, but it is not a must. If there is an international community, all the better, but it's not a deciding factor.




For statistics, could you help me find good pages for newcomers, pages where it is possible to see the price evolution on the real estate market in places with a direct connection with Frankfurt Airport, pages with historical real estate prices, etc.?


Thank you very much.



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There's a very active Facebook page called Foreigners/Expats in Frankfurt.  A lot of new people to Frankfurt go there for information on renting, subletting, as well as a variety of other questions on general living in and around Frankfurt. It would also give you an idea of rental prices in different areas.


Good luck with your move.


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