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Hello all,


Me and my partner are considering a move to Germany, more precisely, in any area with a direct line, bus or train, to Frankfurt Airport (up to 1h away, less is more). As we would be mostly teleworking, commuting is not an issue for us.


If we let a place, we might be interested in subletting. Not for AirBnB, nothing of the sorts - we are looking for places where subletting is legal (I don't know if that is normally the case in Germany, that is why I post this here) and where there is a dynamic tenant market, i.e. where it is not difficult to find tenants.


For statistics, could you help me with good pages for newcomers, pages where it is possible to see the price evolution on the real estate market in Germany, etc.?


Thank you very much.



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On 10/8/2021, 6:46:34, lega4 said:

What's wrong with AirBnb?


Nothing is wrong with it when it's done ethically and responsibly (person rents out room in their private home to generate additional income, declares said income to the tax authority).  But AirBnB is not a home and it's not a sublet.


@valwawe subletting is usually legal in Germany overall.  Often a requirement is that the main landlord/property management must approve of the person who takes a sublet (meaning you might/should at least meet someone involved in managing the property, who does not share a living space with you). also, it is common that the main tenant may not derive a disproportionate profit from this. Many times you are only allowed to sublet at the rate listed on your rental agreement.  So you can go on holiday and have your rent paid.  Proper flatsharing is a whole other kettle of fish and many times you simply share with another person who maybe did or maybe didn't inform their landlord that they're renting out a room. In those cases it's advisable to ask to have a look at their rental contract to make sure you are not being taken for a ride.

Anyway, a proper sublet where no one else lives there is probably the least complicated and the most above-board.


I'm not based near Frankfurt but I guess and maybe can help


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