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Hi guys, this is Laura here. It's been almost 1.5 year since I've moved to Munich and I am starting to feel bored out of my mind... My life evolves mainly around work, time with my boyfriend and sleeping. I have recently picked up art again (I used to work as a muralist and illustrator) because of the pandemic and all the restrictions in place. It was fun but I am missing some laughters and good company in my life aka friends. I have made a couple of friends through my previous German class but they are all busy with their own lives, which I completely understand. SO here I am, writing this post hoping to find folks who might be in the same position as I, who is feeling bored and would like to make connections or simply interact with chill people and make some art together. This is not a meet-up group as I am not a very organised person (and obviously cost nothing unless you wanna grab a bite for yourself). I would be down to hang out even if only one person gets back to me (haha yes I am very desperate for friends, or just some good fun) I am originally from Hong Kong but I did my bachelor in California so you won't have to slow down your english for me lol. My german is terrible tho so no chance with that >< I live in the city center of Munich and am down to jump into the Isar with you when the weather gets unbearably hot. If thats too wild we could also just chill comfortably under the shade while making some sketches or paintings. I illustrate too so if you have a story written and would like to do some art collab we could see if we can create something fun together!  My email is laura.ho.227@gmail.com. If you are interested to meet/make some art, feel free to shoot me an email. Look forward to having some good laughs with you!


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I was over in he US a few years ago and got through the MOMA (in new york) in 45 minutes.

Apparently that makes me quite uncultured. 


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