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On 24/06/2022, 16:36:14, theGman said:


So what are the rules? The guards can ask all the questions they want, no problem, but people can't magic up a copy of someone's else's passport and an invitation letter. I'd like to see in writing somewhere what documents my parents (and other Brits) need to bring in the future.



Yea, that's true

There is no hard and fast list. Visa/visa waiver requirements are phrased as "sufficient proof" and there is a lot of latitude as to what counts as that. There is no list of documents that will give you *the right* as an UK citizen to enter any EU country.  This something that a lot of people don't seem to get. I've heard the same discussion over and over and over before wrt to travelling to the US as a German/UK citizen and this is very similar. One day they might ask you for proof that there is something keeping you in the UK (or any other proof that you would leave the country at the end), in which case a UK mortgage statement might be helpful. Who knows. Chances are low but not zero. This is the reality of Brexit.

Back in the day I used to travel with to the US an official letter from my UK employer stating that they'd expect me back after whatever meeting I was going to. I might have to do so again if Trump gets re-elected.


Here's the official advice:

now how to you proof "enough money" ? Proof of a proper invite which includes somewhere to stay go a long way, but it's not the only way.



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The rules are mostly clear when it comes to applying for a Visa. So maybe the principle to apply is that even though you don't need to apply for the visa, you still need to meet all the requirements as if you were from a country without a waiver. Which is a PITA:




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