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I wonder if somebody might be able to advise. My wife and I own our house that we live in in Germany. We have owned it for 5 years. I need to go back to live in the UK next year but my wife and children must stay in the German house for one more year after I leave (schooling reasons). My wife would then sell the German house before joining me in the UK. I have been told that if I don't live in the house when it is sold then my half of the profits would be subject to speculation tax. To avoid this I could gift my wife my half and change her to sole owner in the Grundbuch at a cost of around 3000€. Can somebody confirm this would be our best course of action, if it is certain to work (no issues with selling only one year after the change of ownership etc) and if there are any options that avoid the need to change the Grundbuch and avoid 3000€ cost.


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