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Good Morning everyone!

I hope you all had a nice May 1 (although the holiday fell on a weekend :() and are having a good start to the week.


I need to renew my Ohio drivers license and need to get a vision exam.  I am under the impression that the German ophthalalmologists do not test reguarly the 20/20 scale.  Does any have any experience with getting the vision tests done here? What should I request when I make an appointment?  If I take the form with these requirements, will the eye doctor know what/how to measure my vision?


The requirements from the form are:


  Acuity   Horziontal Field (degrees only)    
  Right  Left Both   Right Left  
Without lenses 20/ 20/ 20/ Nasal ° °  
        Temporal ° °  
        The Horizontal Field refers to the angualr extent of absolute limit of vision (in degrees) for nasal and tempral from fixation for each eye as measured fwith a large perimetry target




I guess worst case scenario, I could do the truck driver eye test here and all of the requirements should be included.


Thanks for your help!!





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