Double Citizenship for Naturalized German citizens

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Hi All

I am naturalized German citizen since 2020, originally from non EU country


I gave up my original citizenship, during process of receiving German citizenship because the person from citizenship office told it was a big chance that I would not get German citizenship if I would refuse to give up original citizenship


When I received citizenship certificate in 2020 I asked again if I could apply for double citizenship (beibehaltungsgenehmigung) to restore my original citizenship and have both, but the person there was also sceptical that this would work.


I am interested if someone here is naturalized German citizen , originally from Non EU country and received double citizenship (beibehaltungsgenehmigung) after applying it?  is it possible at all ? and what  are conditions of successful application?

of course I know it is possible to get beibehaltungsgenehmigung, question is if it is possible for naturalized German citizens


p.s restoring citizenship in my country of origin is very easy and straightforward,  problem is German side because such action, getting another citizenship causes to lose German citizenship if no beibehaltungsgenehmigung was permitted. 


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well, to apply for a Beibehaltungsgenehmigung is possible for any german citizen (whether born or naturalized) who wants to acquire an additional citizenship. 

The difficulty here will be that you have to make a clear case for yourself. 


You have to prove 

that you absolutely need to have the "foreign" citizenship to avert some current, ongoing financial or personal hardship

and that you are so deeply rooted in your German citizenship, that you can never ever give that up


I doubt, that this would work in your case, especially if you are living in Germany (not the other country) and just recently became German (no lifelong roots)


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