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For private reasons I (UK and German citizen) need to travel to UK (Scotland specifically). I will stay for approx 3 weeks.


My intention is to fly from Munich to Manchester via Amsterdam, then take the train to Scotland.


My understanding is:


  • I need get a PCR test at the airport and, since it's early flight the, do this the day before. And hope for a negative result, sent to me in German and English by e-mail.
  • Fill in the passenger locator form in advance, giving my destination address in Scotland
  • Pre-purchase the day-2 and day-8 tests for when I am in UK
  • Once thru passport control in Manchester, get a train to Scotland
  • Self-isolate for 10 days once in Scotland


I will worry about the return journey later.


Have any Toytowners made a similar journey in recent days/weeks and if so, can they offer advice/tips? e.g How long should I expect to be hanging around Arrivals in Manchester, jumping through the required beurocratic hoops?  A couple of hours, or a lot more?


An alternative is to fly direct Munich to London Heathrow but, well, London Heathrow does not get good press for these things, and its a lot longer to travel by tube/train.


I did similar journey twice last year, but without the requirements to take/show any tests, and it went without any hassle.


cheers for any advice










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thanks. To take second flight up to Scotland from heathrow is indeed another option, but the flight times dont really work if, as has been written in press, you might wait many hours at arrivals in Heathrow.


I've read the official advice.  I'm more curious on the actual, lived experience.


e.g. on the Munich airport web site, it explains there are free tests available but "Travelers who require proof of testing for their trip abroad, including their ID card number, for example, should contact one of the private test centers".  However I've been told that the result of the free test was accepted for their "trip abroad" just a few days ago.


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Apologies for not being exactly in your planning parameters...


In the last week of March 2021, two colleagues flew from UK to Germany via Amsterdam.


They needed a test no older than 24 hrs to be allowed into Heathrow to start the journey

AND a test no older than 4 hrs to be allowed to board in Amsterdam.


So keep your planning eyes open for test centres with short queues and 

rapidly changing parameters. Any plane changes may need extra time for tests.




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thanks HH_Sailor for answer


After consideration,  i decided to change plans and go the one-flight route via Heathrow + tube + train to Scotland. Just removes one variable and swaps a couple of hours in Schiphol for hopefully only a slightly longer time on tube and train. If the queueing time at Heathrow is really massive, then I could miss the train, a risk I decided to take.


I will fly back to Germany via Heathrow too. At present the rules are that a test needs to be taken, and be negative, within 48 hours of the *planned* arrival time in Germany (if flight is actually delayed few hours that does not matter). Those relatively new rules are valid at minimum up to 12. Mai 2021. They can be changed, tightened, loosened, ... 


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