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Finding a doctor for adult ADHD in Berlin

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Long story short, I had been regularly seeing a private psychiatrist for adult ADHD since 2017. However, I'm assuming since because of the pandemic crisis that probably significant reduced his amount of patients, he thought it would be a clever idea to sneak in a fictitious appointment to my quarterly bill, thinking I wouldn't spot it. I did, and although I tried to dispute it and even offered to show proof that I wasn't even in the country at the time of the supposed appointment, he wouldn't correct the bill--which is leaving me to squabble back and forth with the billing company.


Clearly, I'm dropping him like a hot potato if he is going to be stealing from patients who are paying out of pocket--I mean, you wanna rip the insurance companies off, go for it...they deserve it. But I earn what I have. The thing is, I remember it took me FOREVER to find this doctor who prescribes medication for adult adhd. I'm really dreading having to go another another goose chase scouring Google for weeks, finding only doctors who only do verbal therapy for ADHD (waste of money!), listening to voicemail messages telling me Dr. So and So is on vacation until fall of next year, getting callbacks saying Dr. So and So isn't taking any new patients, and so on.


Can someone provide a link to a list of doctors who treat adult adhd with medication? I don't care if I have to travel out of Berlin, I need the medication to function.



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