Oven Thermostat doesn't automatically turn off

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We have an OK brand oven in our flat in Berlin. It works very nicely. But recently I have discovered with the temperature control dial:

  1. I can select a temperature, it switches on.
  2. It does not automatically turn off upon reaching the selected temperature
  3. Even if I move it back to the • position, it remains on
  4. But if I give it another little twist, it turns off

Link to video demonstration.


My suspicion is:

  1. The entire thermostat assembly (probe and control) are kaput
  2. Just the switch inside the thermostat is kaput


Anyone experienced this before? I'm tempted to remove the knob and just spray a little bit of WD-40 on the pole of the switch. Maybe a small component on the inside is stuck.


Thanks all, greetings from Berlin.


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First sorry to hear about your bad luck.


I know quite a few people who have got problems with OK stuff, sure it does not look too bad, but everyone compalins how bad they are.


I just cheap crap, probably from Chine.


I would give up on it and buy a proper named product, sorry but in this case the low price is reflected in the shit product


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