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Mutterschutz rules when fixed-term contract expires before protection period

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Dear all,


My limited job contract ends on September 30, 2021 and I just found out that I'm pregnant. I used a Mutterschutz calculator and the estimated date of the start of Mutterschutz could be September 30, exactly the last day of my job. It could also be later. I'll know after my visit to the doctor.


There are two scenarios I'm curious about:

1. Mutterschutz begins on September 30, the same day as the last day on my job.

2. Mutterschutz begins after September 30, i.e. after I'm out of the job.


Now, my question for the two scenarios:

- Who will pay for my Mutterschutz? Is it the health insurance or the job agency?

- How much will the amount be? 

- Should I register as a job seeker already in July to be safe in case the job agency is responsible for finacial support? 


Thank you for your answers.





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