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What do do when you find a damaged item when in line at the supermarket

What to do in a supermarket queue when you find the item is damaged but not perishable   25 votes

  1. 1. Two parties are ahead of you (the first bothering the cashier), four behind you, and you find the last item in your basket is covered in carton glue and bits of carton, but is not perishable or leaking. What do you do?

    • You put all your things in your basket again, leave the line and put it back in the shelf.
    • You put all your things in your basket again, leave the line and find an attendant to yell at.
    • You put it beside the belt for staff to find and discard later.
    • You wait until its your turn, barely keep the cashier from scanning it and hold everyone up because you need to go back into the shop to get another one.
    • You wait until its your turn and hand it to the cashier to discard.
    • You buy the item anyway because letting it go to waste is bad for the planet and you have plenty of time to clean it once you get home.
    • You have reached Nirvana and are not bothered by mundane things like this.

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46 minutes ago, alderhill said:

What I miss are goose eggs.


The SPD & Linkies keep thinking they have found the golden ones.  Or at least that they are about to be laid.


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