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Scam Property Advert?

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I replied to an ad on for the sale of a house. 


It was a very good offer: 400.000 € for a 7 room house in Reichertsheim, 1 hour east of Munich. Photos looked good, not erbpacht, not rented. Too good to be true, really. The seller was "von Privat" not a makler. A short time later the ad was taken down, and I forgot all about it.


Then a few days later I get an email from the seller asking if I am still interested, and can we talk in English. I replied yes to both. 


Then I got this: 



 Hallo, vielen dank für ihre Nachricht. 

 I hope you understand English, I will also try below to write a summary in German language for a better understanding.

 The property is available for sale, I have been the only owner and it was purchased cash a few years ago while I lived in Germany, I worked there as a civil engineer.

 For approximately one year, I have moved definitively abroad to United Kingdom with my entire family. I no longer need the mentioned property because both my children are in school here, also I have a construction business and most likely I will return in Germany only on holiday. 


 Because I do not have plenty of time to deal with selling this property, visits with potential clients etc., I have decided together with my husband to hire an international real estate agency that would manage the whole purchase agreement process of the property.


 I have already signed an exclusivity contract with them, as this is the third property to be sold with their assistance. All the documents in original along with the keys of the property are in their custody at the headquarters of the agency here in London.

 The commission of the agency is entirely paid by us and you will only pay for the notary documents, in case you agree on purchasing the property after visiting it, of course.

 The property can be reserved in your name for a private visit, an international real estate agent will conduct the viewing. 
 He will bring all the documents in original at the viewing time, so you can check it before taking a decision.

 To contact the agency, I need a copy of the ID or passport of the potential customer(s). I have already attached mine to this email.

 After receiving the document, I will contact the company and an agent will give you all the required details in order to plan a private visit to the property.
 Also, I would like to ask you how do you intend to purchase the property? Can you pay cash or do you need financing?

 Thank you for your interest, for any other questions, do not hesitate to contact me via email.



The seller's ID according to ImmoScout24 was a different name with an address in Schwabach.


I'm pretty sure now that it's a scam, but I suppose with all of these things there's room for doubt (or they wouldn't ever work).


I haven't opened the PDF of their passport, because why would I. I'm also not about to send them ID, but I'm interested to know what happens next.



What do you think? 


Should I report it to ImmoScout24 or something? 







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Report to ImmoScout.


We just had a similar predicament here I think last week. 


If it sounds too good to be true....


Never give out any personal info unless you know something is legit.


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"My father was an aide to a high government official and we need to move a large sum of money ($34MM) out of the country.  I would be willing to share this if you would place this money in your account.  Please reply with contact info and DNA sample"...


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