Beware of bad quality connection hoses for washing machines from the baumarkt (zulaufschlauch)

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I needed to replace the hose that came with my washing machine, so I ordered one online for collection at the local Globus Baumarkt. When I got home and connected the hose, it would leak water with intermittent drips when agitated, because the crimping at the ends where the PVC tubing meets the nozzle/knob was very weak and the nozzle easily rotates freely inside the end of the PVC tubing.  I rode my bicycle back there, and someone came out and switch the hose with a new one. It still had the same problem, and also leaked. Because of the lockdown, it's too much trouble to go back there to try and explain the problem and ask for a refund.  The online customer service never replied to my email.


So I ordered another one for collection at the local Bauhaus further away. Their hose is much better quality. The crimping is very tight and doesn't leak. It also came with what seemed to be blue silicone seals, which should be more durable than the black NBR seals on the model from Globus. Also for a cheaper price. The Bauhaus model says "made in Italy", don't know if that was a positive factor.


I forgot that I could get into the baumarkt if I show my Gewerbeschein for my self employment work to be exempted from lockdown restrictions. Next time, I should go inside the store and physically check the stiffness of the crimp on the hose instead of ordering click and collect.


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