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Hey Toytown Germany,


I recently bought a used VW Caddy that was retrofitted with a CNG system a couple years after it was purchased by the original owner. A part on the car belonging to the CNG system (the pressure regulator) has recently broke, and I need to see a specialist to get it fixed. What I'm finding is that it is extremely difficult to find a garage that works on cars with retrofitted CNG systems.


I tried taking the car to a garage (Kfz-Meisterbetrieb Thiel) that told me that finding the replacement pressure regulator would be a pain and I should give up in trying to fix it. I then tried to bring the car to VW, who refused to do a checkup on the car since the gas system was not installed by VW. They then recommended a couple of shops that could work on my car, however when contacting them, they all told me that they do not work on CNG systems (my German is so-so, so it might have been that they only service CNG systems that they themselves install).


I find it unbelievable, that with the prevalence of CNG systems today, that it is so difficult to find a werkstatt that can diagnose the problem with my CNG system in my car and fix it. Have others here had the same problem? What garages have been helpful for you in Berlin? I'm also thinking that another option would be to completely rebuild & update the CNG system for the car, but would like to see if others have any helpful comments with this.


Thanks for the help!




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