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Tax on capital gains in home country

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I recently moved to Germany from another EU country. In Germany, I have worked and paid taxes from day 1, and I will continue to do so for as long as I stay. It's hard to predict exactly how long I'll stay - my first work contract is limited to 4 months, but I expect to have it extended and stay up for up to 2 years (impossible to say).

In my home country I'm an active investor - mainly stocks. I will continue with this while staying in Germany, keeping all accounts in my home country.

Question: at what point will I be liable to pay German capital gains tax on the profits that I make in my home country? If I stay 4 months, I can't imagine being forced to pay taxes on capital gains from home, but surely at some point down the line I'll pass a threshold and full tax liability will kick in? Where exactly is this point?

Also happy to hear how others in a similar boat have approached taxes on foreign capital gains. I would ideally avoid it altogether and just be taxed in my home country like now (my home country won't mind, curious if I could get away with it from Germany's perspective).


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