Illness slips: one for the krankenkasse?

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When you're ill here, the doctor seems to give three different pink certificates.

I get that one goes to your employer so your illness is properly counted.


I'm told another is supposed to go to your krankenkasse. But what is the point of this?

I read something about krankengeld, but that only seemed to be for long illnesses.

If I'm just off work for a week do I need to submit the certificate to my krankenkasse?

Do I benefit financially from doing so? (Why?)


Thanks in advance,




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You only benefit financially if you end up being sick more than 6 weeks because in that case, your kk takes over paying you.  Since you likely don't know at the start of your illness how long it will last, it's safer for you to bring or mail the certificates to your kk.  Each of your certificates needs to be at the kk within a week.  Otherwise you lose the right to kk sick pay which you would otherwise get after 6 weeks.



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