Having allergy symptoms to new things, even in winter. What to do?

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On 11/27/2020, 1:38:21, emkay said:

My teenage daughter had several of these issues. We live near to Frankfurt though I don't think that’s relevant.  Over the last few years, her eczema got worse during the summer time. Dermatologists didn’t really help and at her last appointment, was told to just use her gut instinct as to which topical cream or allergy tablet will help.  She used cetrizin daily for a while though the effect seemed to lessen over time. To get through her Abitur, her Hausarzt recommended a 2 day big combination of 2 antihistamines over a weekend as  that made her drowsy.  It did seem to work for a few weeks.

Allergy tests done by dermatologists and Hausarzt over the last few years showed that she did have various tree and other pollen allergies though not cats or dust.  She recently moved away from home to study and has absolutely no allergic type reactions! Food allergies were never tested as various doctors suggested that she would be showing more significant reactions if food allergies were the cause.  Since moving, she has changed to a vegan diet. Maybe that has helped? Also, she’s generally adopted natural ingredient skin and hair products and home cleaning products.  One doctor suggested she diarise everything she ate and products she used...personal hygiene, cleaning products etc to evaluate reactions.


Do you have pets? Were any in your accommodation before you moved in? Even if you never had any pet allergies, some can affect more than others. Of our 5 cats, my daughter only reacted to one. Can you possibly stay somewhere else for a few days to see if there’s any difference? I know, that might difficult in corona times.  


I also live near Frankfurt, though out in the villages. I thought it could be the agriculture that is pretty close to our place. I previously had mild hay fever in spring time, as a result of living in Boston, but It's never been this bad, especially in winter. I will keep a diary, like your daughter's Hausarzt suggested. I wonder if any of these are the reason? I do typically use natural products, especially sulphate free due to curly hair, and i am a healthy vegetarian, but I will keep trying to see an allergist. Since moving, i have eaten more dairy that usual and I wonder if that could be it. I'm not lactose intolerant but they say if you avoid anything for long enough, you develop an intolerance. if anything, maybe its certain trees that are near my apartment that are bothering me.


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