Datenschutz, my private details and some sensitive medical data were shared online, what can I do?

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I recently applied to the Kassenärztliche Vereinigung to get help with finding a therapist here in Berlin.


After applying to KVBerlin I heard nothing for about a week and then received an email from the service stating that due to a technical error and for a limited period my details had been shared on their website on a 'public pathway in the backend of their website', in the form of a form that I had sent them detailing very sensitive medical information, name, DOB, address, basically everything that shouldn't be shared online.


What do I do now? I have no idea about what steps I can or should take, would it be worth legal action against KVBerlin? I feel very strongly about my sensitive medical data being shared online and it could have damaging consequences....


Thanks in advance,


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