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Teach programming in exchange for German?

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Hello all,


Been living in Hamburg for now a year after moving from Canada. Completed an A1 and A2 course online and have been doing Duolingo diligently for 380 days. But still struggle to speak a few sentences of German. So I am thinking of trying out a baptism by fire - teach what I do for a living (which is programming) in German to a native German speaker who wishes to learn programming but who knows enough English and is willing to correct my German.


I am a web developer and data analyst. I program in HTML, CSS, Javascript, Python, Wordpress and have 8 years of programming experience. I have also taught adults programming in Canada and have taught adults with no prior programming knowledge.


So, what I am looking for in a native German speaker who wishes to pick up programming - could be web development or data analysis - to whom I can teach while forcing myself to do so in German. I use only free and open source software, so you do not need to purchase any software licenses. All classes will be online through Skype. Please note, not looking for any paid solutions nor am I promoting a paid service.


If this seems interesting to anyone, feel free to respond and we can exchange Skype Ids through DMs.






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