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Do Hausverwaltung firms send your rent payment info to Schufa?

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As title, do property management companies send your rent payment information (e.g. late or overdue payments) to Schufa?


The flat I'm renting has changed its hausverwaltung companies at the beginning of 2020, and during this transfer, the new hausverwaltung's computer system has made an error and now thinks I owe them unpaid deposit or rent of 400+ euros (I doubled checked my bank statements, I paid everything on time and don't owe them anything). So I keep getting these autogenerated letters they send me saying that I must pay back "the money that I owe them" by a certain date. I tried to call them and email them but no one ever answered.


This went on for a few months, then I finally had the time to visit their office in person without an appointment. I gave them printouts of my bank statements and they told me they will investigate this and get back to me via email. 2 weeks later no email and I received another such letter. And I went to their office again, this time a different person told me she will put a stop to the letters and will investigate and email me the results. But now it's almost one month later and I still haven't received any email from them. This time I got both agents' emails and I will write them again and demand a written explanation that I always paid my bills on time and do not owe them anything. But it's really time-consuming chasing them down all the time...


So, my question is since their computer system mistakenly thinks that I have overdue rent/deposit for several months now, will this information be communicated to Schufa? I've already ordered a Schufa report and it hasn't arrived yet. If I see this erroneous entry on my Schufa, how do I go about correcting it? Will the score be corrected as well? Thanks a lot!


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