Book club in Fürth or Nürnberg / Nuremberg

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Hello bookworms in Fürth/Nürnberg!


I'm looking for fellow literature lovers, who would be interested in meeting maybe once a month, to discuss a book over a cup of tea or a glass of wine, depending on the general hour and the particular consitution.


Also, I'm absolutely bonkers over fanfiction, which of course I don't expect reasonable people to be into, so I won't force it into any reasonable conversation. If, however, there were someone out there, I would love to meet a kindred spirit.


I was born in Franconia, but I lived with my English uncle and not-so-English aunt in Guildford when I was sixteen and went to school there as well, so a piece of my soul certainly feels English. At least, I miss it a great deal and would be happy to meet anyone similarly in love with this amazing country and language.


Looking forward to meeting you!


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