Financial Aid after COVID-19 (Überbrückungshilfe) - an interesting find..

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Hello everyone,


I am a music composer and sound engineer, currently living in Berlin. I have been regularly registered as a freelancer since 2019.


In light of the recent COVID-19 issues, I suffered over 80% in losses for my income and for this reason I've started looking for help in relation with the latest "Überbrückungshilfe für kleine und mittelständische Unternehmen". I did receive help in April but the situation has not changed, so I decided to apply for the next grant which will start from October 2nd to end of the year.


To file a request it is now necessary to go through a third party like a lawyer or an accountant, so I started contacting them, here in Berlin, explaining my situation.


After over a month I have to say that I gathered - unexpectedly - some interesting data.


- Only 19% of the lawyers and accountants that I contacted answered my request. Those who answered said that they could not take it as they had too many to do already.


- I decided to change my name to one that sounded clearly German: 47% of them answered. Some of those who answered positively were among those who previously said they did not have the resources to work at my request.


- Surprised by what I had found, I decided to go one step further: I kept the fake German-sounding name and also changed my profession: from music composer to programmer. This time 89% of them replied, including - once again - those who had denied my request because of insufficient time and resources, in the previous two attempts.


At this point I think I involuntarily stumbled on some very interesting data (although some friends said already this comes to "no surprise"). I will continue to contact other professionals until I've covered all the lawyers and accountants currently operating in Berlin. I will continue to update my spreadsheet and calculate the percentages of my findings.


Once the data is there, does anyone know or would anyone recommend a newspaper, magazine or similar that would be interested in this and has enough pull to give this whatever resonance it deserves? Note how I am not jumping to any conclusion as the picture is definitely more complicated than my simple 1/2/3 steps but I believe this can be interesting nonetheless.


Thanks again,


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