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Good morning.


EU citizen in Germany working for international organization, salary tax free. Have been offered a 33k Euro consultancy and was wondering about how much tax I would have to pay on it here in Germany.


Thanks for any help you can give.





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You can use many many german tax calculators, just google


One example is


5 hours ago, fraufruit said:

Still trying to work out why you have a tax-free salary.

There are quite a few people in Munich that do not pay income taxes, its mainly people who work for the various governments in the EU and are quite high raking.


One example would be, there patent examiners do not pay tax, I know a few of them, and they all have gig houses in the nice part of Munich. Its quite hard to get a job there on those conditions thou.


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Your German taxes and various Sozialabgaben will depend upon whether your "consultancy" is regarded as an employment relationship or whether you are treated as self-employed.  If the latter, then you potentially will have deductible expenses that will make it impossible to predict your ultimate tax liability. Similarly unknown is your potential church tax liability, gewerbesteuer, etc.


There is also the unanswered question of how much of the 33K postulated will fall within any given calendar tax year.


Last but not least there is the issue of whether your UN salary is subject to Progressionsvorbehalt in computing your tax rate.  In this case, however, it would appear there is a clear answer:




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