Dealing with Sound Modified Car and Police & TUV ?

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Dear Friends,


I am new one in Germany so i have an Audi A6 and i modifieded the sound ! so i modfided with an instrument in the back where is the elecrtonic storage and i putted there and it comes with an wire so you can touch it and you can change the sound and also when you change the car mode (comfort,sport,automatic) the sound will change and tonight i stopped by Bayern Police and after that they said this isnt normal i didnt accepted but they’ve found that and they said to me they will took the car and will check by TüV and they will make an penalty ready for me after this i accepted all and i told how i putted where i bought and all, but my questions is how much its gonna cost all of this with transport and with TüV and the penalty with the police ? Thank you so much 


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