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6 hours ago, fraufruit said:


Must read for everybody!


And never blame alcohol, mushrooms, crack, etc. for your offense.

People do it all the time. They blame other people for their predicament. " I ain't got no work cos of them foreigners."

" I ain't got no work cos the other guy/ gal steals my customers. ie he/she gets up in the morning and doesn't need waking by others) "


" Why isn't it happening for me "

( because you don't give a shit?)

I see it and have experienced it for so long.

I make mistakes all the time and they are mlne.

I used to ignore the advice eg a note in the bathroom with " what are you doing today to advance?".

I used to think " stupid slogans. Nothing to do with me."

My stupidity. My arrogance or indifference.

So who is responsible for ME then ?Erm.. ME.


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On 14/01/2023, 00:41:35, tor said:

too late 


I wasn't aware when I made my post. My bad.


We're all human beings. Therefore we're all imperfect. Therefore we will all make mistakes in RL and cyber.



  “He that is without sin among you, let him first cast a stone at her.” ~ John 8:7


As mentioned previously, I've moderated on a rock band site for 20 years. Yes, we've banned people with a huge amount of posts/followers. They lost control and needed to go.


Any of them who has attempted to come back have at least had the decency and respect to declare their new personae in advance of their posts to the moderation team. Then, every post would be moderated before appearing live. Of the top of my head only one has stayed the course and is now a totally (rehabilitated) respected member of the forum. The past is now the past and totally forgotten. We gave her a chance.


The member who attempted to rejoin TT should, perhaps, have reached out to the mods first.


However, TT is quite unique in that it started in Munich and everyone knew each other in RL. Most of the prominent and interesting posters have left, and we're left with a depleted 3rd team bigging it up and talking shite.


It was a witch hunt from start to finish, and shamefully, a certain person didn't believe in second chances.


I hope she slept well.








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