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Find new apartment with small child and no work

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Say that you are a woman with a small child, and that you need to separate from your husband ASAP (for reasons I will not get into here, but you can use your imagination to think about what they would be). This means that you need to leave the apartment where you have lived so far (as it is too expensive just for one person), and somehow find a place where to rent fast and/or store all of your things. 
Say you don't have work due to the difficulty in finding work because of the current COVID situation and because you cannot work full time anyway (because you need to bring and pick up your kid from the kindergarten (due to the father reufing to help out). This means that you are on either Arbeitslosgeld 1 or 2. 
How would you go about it? What would you do to find a place to stay? 
Any positive feedback is greatly appreciated
Thank you


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