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Hi, My son enrolled in a music school. there were a contract and term and condition to cancel the contract says notice period 6 weeks and auto-renewal to next semester if no information is given under AGB.
He was attending the first semester and before completing the first semester, due to the corona situation classes of the first semester were postponed to 2 months later. There was some medical reason due to that my son didn't want to continue the second semester. We informed them before 4 weeks instead of 6 weeks as per the term and conditions.
but the music school is not considering it and telling us to pay as we didn;t informed them before 6 weeks.the full amount of the second semester as per the autorenewal of contract they don't consider it if my son joins the classes or not but to pay full fees.
I told them the first semester didn't end as per the schedule and if you calculate the dates of notice period it was more then 6 weeks. but they are forcing us to pay the full fees. Please advise am I liable to pay the fees even if my son is not availing the classes due to the corona situation. thanks and regards


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Hi scyrus,


Firstly, let me say that German consumer law is quite backwards - behind the times, so to speak - so the usual circumstances means that you would be obliged to pay the full amount even though you will not be using the services. Where I come from, this situation was relegated to the Dark Ages.

Anyway, with COVID impacting so many things, there might be hope for you - but don't hold your breath on this.


So, I suggest you contact this organisation - a consumer law centre - and see what they say. There will likely be a modest contribution required if they help you (€15-€20 or thereabouts), but it will be proper advice for you:


good luck!


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