Scammed during used car sale - is there anything we can do now?

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Hello dear Toytown Community, 


I am seeking advice. We were recently scammed when we sold our car and I would like to know if anyone has an idea about how to deal with the situation. Here are the detials:


We got an estimate for our car from and went to one of the suggested dealerships by the site.

There they started telling that that estimate is too high and they can only offer us an X amount. We said thank you but thank you and went home. At home we got a message from that the dealership made us an offer but we refused to take and that this offer is valid for 6 days. 


After a short discussion at home, we decided to take the car back to the dealership and sell if for the X amount offered since it would be hassle free for us in comparison to a private sale. We took the car back and they said ok but they need to check the car. When my husband went back alone to finish the paper work, he was manipulated into signing a totally different contract for a much lower price that was discussed before. I could not believe what happened when he got home... 


I do not want to leave this matter alone. This was a real scam and we were taken advantage of. Is there anything we can do now? Are there any contract cancellation deadlines so that we can go back on this sale contract and bring the car back home? Are there any agencies (consumer protection?) that offer help or advise to people who find themselves in a similar situation? 


I will appreciate any help. This is beyond a question of money, it is a matter of principle and fighting back. It sucks being taken advantage of.


Kind Regards,


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Sorry to hear about that. Some folk on here will probably ask you about legal insurance, and getting lawyers etc, so I thought I'd jump in with some more practical points you could try.

 I assume you are talking about their direct or express sales?

Have a look at the original email sent to you by the garage: I imagine they included an asterisk by the price, and underneath the comment: 

*Bitte beachte, dass Dir Dein konkretes Angebot erst nach der individuellen Fahrzeugbewertung vor Ort erstellt wird. 

The reason they include this is to give them some reason to reduce their offer (I actually used it to get a better price when selling once, so it cuts both ways) if the car turns out to be different than as described in the few questions you have to answer online.

So, you state that your husband was:

1 hour ago, evechenko said:

manipulated into signing a totally different contract for a much lower price

 Can you explain how/why you feel that was the case? Did the buyer point out some flaws/defects to justify a lower price (which could be reasonable) or just swap some paperwork/change numbers whilst it was being signed (which sounds unreasonable)? 

In the former case, there is probably little you can do (save as explained later). In the latter case, it may be worth getting a lawyer involved.

However, in either case, I would suggest the following steps:

1) check and see how the garage is now advertising your vehicle for sale (the price, and any defects listed);

2) speak with your husband and the garage to get the reasons why the price was changed;

3) if the reasons are unfair/unreasonable and/or don't match up with their new sales advert for the car, ask the garage to change it (don't expect much, but if you don't ask you don't get);

4) tell the garage you will contact and explain the situation to them, and how you feel that the garage should no longer be an accredited purchaser (that may be a pain for the garage and they may show some flexibility) or alternatively, if they tell you there are defects (i.e. the car was in a crash), and aren't including them on their advert for re-selling your car, explain how they shouldn't be allowed to advertise;

5) (if the above doesn't work) contact an explain the situation to them.

6) If you really want to: consider getting a lawyer involved.





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