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Hello everyone,

I am about to start working, and I have heard a lot about the Berüfsunfähigkeitsversicherung or the Disability Insurance.

My question are,

does it make sense to get one as an Ausländer/foreigner if you're gonna leave germany one day?

What happens when you do leave germany and have been paying for the insurance for an amount of time? Do you get the money back if you dont wanna be paid ?

And last but most importantly, can i get tax returns in full for the payments made for the disability insurance? if no, what percentage, and how is it established how much it will be?


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Have you used the search on the upper right to check the threads? It seems there are quite a few on Berufsunfähigkeitsversicherung.  Try that first, if you haven't.  If you can't find the info, there is probably someone who can help you. I've never heard of getting back payments for insurance, but I'm not a good source to really help you out with your questions.


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Hi @blitzyev,


It absolutely makes sense to protect your income with a BU policy, just make sure your policy is valid worldwide, so you can keep it when you leave Germany. Most are. 


You won't receive money back as it's not a savings plan. Your premiums are paying for the risk, in the event something happens you, the insurance company will then substitute your income. 


Technically you can write off your premiums for BU but in reality you can't as your annual allowance is taken up completely by your health insurance premiums. However, you can wrap the insurance up with a pension meaning you get tax relief but whether a pension is suitable or not depends on your own situation and plans. 


All the best.


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