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Update.  Traveled Washington Dulles to Frankfurt on September 4, 2021 via United Airlines. 

Did Germany's Einreiseanmeldung online on September 3, uploading my EU vaccination certificate to the RKI afterwards.  Later, on Sept. 6 my local health authority sent me an email saying it had reviewed my details and I was not required to quarantine. 

I also used United's "Travel Ready Center" and uploaded to United the Einreiseanmeldung and also the EU vaccination certificate.  This gave me a green "Travel Ready" note in the United "Travel Ready Center" online, but had no practical effect otherwise.  United's website still did not let me check in online, saying my documents had to be reviewed at the airport.  At check in, I just showed my passport like usual and was given a boarding pass.  No other document check.  BUT at the gate there were public address announcements made that even if we had a boarding pass we had to show our Einreiseanmeldung and also either vaccination or test document at the gate desk and get a rubber stamp from the gate desk on our boarding pass.  At the gate desk I noted to the gate agent that I had used the "Travel Ready Center" and the gate agent said "I'm sure you did, but we still have to do this".  The gate agent did not review the documents I showed to confirm any of the data on them, was satisfied with me showing I had a document that looked like Einreiseanmeldung and a vaccination certificate.  Upon arrival in Frankfurt the German Passport control did not inquire about the Covid documents.


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On 7/24/2021, 9:03:35, Santitas said:

We landed in Chicago yesterday

We had to show our negative tests at least 4 times 🙄🙄 

The attestation form is something different and even though they made a big stink about having the form printed out, which can be downloaded from the airplane’s website, we only showed it once.


They asked for our marriage certificate at least two times in order to make sure my husband (German) is allowed to enter into the US.



traveled to Newark from Frankfurt on mid-August 2021.  Flew United from Frankfurt, but checked in with Lufthansa at a connecting German airport.  Tickets purchased from United.


Nobody ever asked for or about attestation form.


Marriage certificate for German spouse was necessary at check in.  When attempted to check in online the afternoon before travel, German spouse could not check in - scarily the website had a pop-up error message saying "Passengers arriving from Germany are not allowed to enter and Transit. ... Visa required Except for passengers with a Boarding Foil issued by the USA."   !!   What  !!  However, at check in desk all that was required was ESTA and a copy of marriage certificate.  Marriage certificate was not reviewed, LH staff were satisfied they had seen a document that looked like it might be a marriage certificate. 


At U.S. passport control in Newark after German spouse was presented at booth, photographed and fingerprinted, German spouse was then directed to another room where German spouse waited 45 minutes to show another CBP officer the marriage certificate.  That was it, no questions, no interview.  (Couldn't the guy at the booth have looked at the certificate himself?)


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