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Hi everyone. Hope everyone has been safe during these times.


I have a few questions under the topic of freelancing.


First of all, I just moved to a new district within Berlin and know I need to get a new Steuernummer. I'm registered both as a freiberufler and as a Gewerbe, so I have two numbers (don't know if it matters). What is the best way to go about doing that? Calling, submitting a new Fragenbogen?


Do I also have to get a new Gewerbeschein? Do I need to pay for it again?


Second, when I first registered as a freelancer back in 2018 I had written 3 different things on my Fragenbogen that all fell under the category of "freiberufler" (that was before I had the need for a Gewerbeschein). When I went to the Finanzamt the clerk asked me if I did all three and I said yes. She stamped the document and sent me on my way. However, when I got the letter with my number on the mail there was only one of my activities written down. I didn't think much of it because I had clearly stated that I do 3 different things. Now I'm a bit worried I should have gotten 2 other numbers, especially considering that during Corona most of my income is coming from one of the activities not stated on the letter. How should I proceed with this?


Finally, in terms of invoicing: what happens when I get a new Steuernummer? Do I have to go back and correct my old invoices?




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Do you have a Steuerberater? I would definitely advise you to get one if not, they can take care of everything for you on your behalf with the Finanzamt.


Whilst I was moving around back when I was self-employed I had to do the Gewerbe-Abmeldung and Gewerbe-Anmeldung, but these were two different cities. Not sure how this works with districts.


Another topic is the Deutsche Rentenversicherung. I got a nasty surprise through the post the other day, they are now checking if I was Versicherungspflichtig from when I was self-employed. If you're paying into the pension system should be fine, i'd definitely check if not though - Steuerberater can help here too.


Sorry I couldn't answer everything!





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